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The Ragghianti Foundation offers today an updated catalogue of its scientific production, an instrument of diffusion and the synthesis of more than 30 years of activity. Scrolling down the list of the publications, from the catalogues of the exhibitions to the researches, from the studies to the magazine “Luk”, true reflection of the activity of the Foundation, the absolute adherence to the will of Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti strongly emerges.

In fact, he saw the Foundation as the most suitable instrument to promote a more and more widespread knowledge of art and especially of contemporary art, to encourage a historiographical analysis of the peculiarities of the figurative production in Lucca and in northern-west Tuscany, as a model of research applicable to a wider range.

The Foundation, consistent with the lesson of Ragghianti, who thought the “arts of vision” as parts of an articulated but unique world including various artistic expressions (architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, design…), continues to face this composite panorama and schedules its activity with a sharp look to new names and opportunities, which can contribute to the diffusion of the visual culture.

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